Apni Zameen Ke Liye

#ApniZameenKeLiye: Fighting Pakistan’s climate crisis

#ApniZameenKeLiye is a social initiative that aims to support the fight against climate change in Pakistan. We aim to equip Pakistani climate change activists and eco-entrepreneurs with the right tools and information they need to run sustainable and impactful eco-initiatives. 

Built on the legacy of the #ApniZameenKeLiye Online Bootcamp 2023, this LMS bridges the gap in localized information and educational resources about climate change in Pakistan, empowering everyone to take action today. 

What you will learn

Who is this for?

The #ApniZameenKeLiye Learning Management System is built for everyone and anyone who wants to learn how to build their capacity to pursue sustainable climate change initiatives. Through this LMS, citizens in any location across Pakistan can learn about issues specific to Pakistan’s development and entrepreneurial ecosystem, with insights from industry experts that can enable them to power their own eco-initiatives. 

The #ApniZameenKeLiye LMS has been crafted for: 

  • Climate change activists 
  • Community-led organizations working against climate change 
  • Eco-entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for a more sustainable planet
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About the LMS / About #ApniZameenKeLiye

The ApniZameenKeLiye LMS will allow any citizen to sign up and learn about climate change activism in the form of an online course with localized content. Through a specially designed set of online lectures, this course aims to equip future generations of climate change activists and eco-entrepreneurs with the right tools and resources to expand in Pakistan’s ecosystem. 

Building on the legacy of the #ApniZameenKeLiye Online Bootcamp, the  LMS expands on the Youth Led Climate Action project by the British Council, through which 30 Pakistani climate change activists and eco-entrepreneurs were trained to expand their work on climate action mitigation. 

Led by industry experts, the #ApniZameenKeLiye LMS is the first of its kind in empowering and educating the future of Pakistan’s climate change activism. 

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Structure of the #ApniZameenKeLiye Online LMS

This online course has been developed with the contributions sourced from multiple individuals and institutions. The contributors include key experts from the domains of academia, development sector, police, media and health who provided exceptional insights and content that assisted in creating a holistic course for the public. The full list of contributors is given below.


Module 1

Impact Business Canvas

What will you learn?

  1. Introduction to the Impact Business Canvas and how it can be used to design and evaluate sustainable business models
  2. Overview of the nine components of the Impact Business Canvas
  3. Case studies of successful companies that have used the Impact Business Canvas to design sustainable business models
  4. Interactive exercises for participants to practice using the Impact Business Canvas to design and evaluate sustainable business models for their own enterprises or initiatives

Module 2

Design Thinking - Theory of Change

What will you learn?

  1. Introduction to Design Thinking and its application in the Theory of Change
  2. Practical exercises to practice Design Thinking and the Theory of Change 
  3. Key components of the design process and how it can be used to achieve strategic goals
  4. The relationship between design thinking and system engineering, and how both can be used for strategic foresight in design
  5. Interactive activity to apply the framework in real-life situations

Module 3

Climate Change & Climate Risk Management - A discussion on Carbon Footprint & Sustainability Models

What will you learn?

  1. An overview of climate change and the risks it poses to communities and businesses.
  2. Key concepts such as carbon footprint, sustainability models, and climate risk management. 
  3. The importance of measuring and reducing their carbon footprint, and strategies for developing sustainable business models.
  4. The role of climate risk management in reducing the impact of climate change on communities and businesses.

Module 4

Fundraising & Investment Readiness for Climate Impact Startups

What will you learn?

  1. Understand the importance of fundraising for climate impact startups and the various fundraising options available
  2. Gain knowledge of best practices for investment readiness, including building a strong team and conducting market research
  3. Develop an understanding of how to identify and target potential investors, and how to develop effective investor pitches
  4. Gain insight into successful climate impact startups, their fundraising strategies, and how to apply them to their enterprises.

Module 5

Legislations & Policies on Climate Change & Disaster Management in Pakistan

What will you learn?

  1. The legal and policy framework for climate change and disaster management in Pakistan.
  2. An overview of the existing legislation and policies related to climate change and disaster management in Pakistan. 
  3. Opportunities and challenges for enterprises working in the climate change domain in Pakistan.